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Abyssinian Usual Female Cat
Pictures Courtesy of Chris at Merrydancer Abyssinians

Abyssinian cats are among the oldest breed known, however the exact origins are unclear. In the 19th centuary mummified remains of ancient egyptian cats were found to closely resemble cats found in Abyssian [now named Ethiopia]. It's thought that both cats may have originated from the African wildcat, Kaffir cat [Felis silvestris lybica].

Abyssinian are regarded as possibly the most intelligent of cats. They are a loyal, affectionate breed that enjoys human company but are of an independant mind, enjoy their freedom, and generally do not make good lap cats. They are energetic, curious and playful and can get bored easily without adequate mental stimulation.

abyssinian kitten blue female abyssinian fawn kitten abyssinian kitten blue male abyssinian male abyssinian kitten abyssinian kitten usual female

Pictures Courtesy of Chris at Merrydancer Abyssinians

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Somali: The Somali has longer hair, a rounded head and a fluffier tail.

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