The Asian Cat

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Asian Cat Breed History

The origins of the asian cat go back to a "blissful mistake" in 1981 between a Burmese and a Chinchilla. The asian are now a large group of cat breeds which include the Burmilla, the Asian Smoke, the Asian Tabbies, the Asian Self and Tortie, plus the Bombay and the semi-longhaired Tiffanie.

Asian Cat Breed Behaviour

One of the few breeds which actually state in the breed standard they must be of good temperament.
Much like the Burmese, the Asians are extremely affectionate and friendly cats. They are very outgoing and inquisitive although slightly less rambunctious than the burmese.

Asian Cat Breed Characteristics

Coat: Short [except Tiffanies]
Size: Medium
Noisiness: Medium
Compatibility with children: Medium
Compatibility with other cats: High
Compatibility with other animals: High

Asian Cat Breed Colours

Various [and possibly endless]

Asian Cat Breed Average Life Span

Approximately 15 years

Moderate grooming required
Health Problems
Similar Breeds
Burmilla: An Asian Shorthair with a light coloured coat tipped with a contrasting colour.
Bombay: An Asian Shorthair with a black coat.

Asian Kittens For Sale in the UK

If you're looking for Asian kittens for sale in the UK, then our list of breeders below often have kittens available to buy.