Ragdoll Cats and Kittens

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Ragdoll Breed Profile

Ragdolls are a larger than average breed with a gentle and loving personality. They are very much people orientated cats and create strong bonds with their family. It's not uncommon for the kitties to greet their owners at the door, to follow them about the house, and to "help out" with the daily chores.

Ragdolls are very gentle cats that love to play and are good with children and the elderly. They're known to "play nice" with their owners and rarely use their claws. Due to their sweet, docile nature, ragdolls must be kept indoors. They are very trusting, and may not even defend themselves if attacked. As they're very social cats it's advisable to get two if they are to be left alone in the house for significant periods of time.

Remember, these are the general characteristics of the breed and every cat's an individual. The environment in which each cat is raised plays an important part in it's socialisation.

Moderate grooming required
Health Problems
Similar Breeds
Birman: Lighter body colour and gauntlets that stop at the hock.

Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in the UK

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