Seychellois Cats and Kittens

Seychellois Breed Profile

Seychellois Cat Picture
International Champion D-Shiva's Lacota Warpaint
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Sharue Siamese
The Seychellois cat is a relativly new breed, developed in England during the 1980's, with the approval of the of the Cat Association of Great Britain. The Seychellois cat is very similar to that of the Oriental cat.

Characterisitics Of A Seychellois Cat
  • Slender torso
  • Large ears
  • Triangular head
  • Slanting blue eyes
  • Long Tapered Tail

Seychellois Cat Sub-Types
  • Septieme - Colour on the head, tail, legs, and body
  • Huitieme - Colour on head, tail, and legs
  • Neuvieme - Colour on the tail and head
The Seychellois cat breed is recognized by FIFe. [Federation Internationale Feline]
Seychellois cat pictureSeychellois cat pictureSeychellois cat picture

Seychellois Kittens for Sale in the UK

If your looking to buy a Seychellois kitten or cat in the UK, the breeders listed below often have kittens available.