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Siamese Cat Profile

Originated in Siam (now Thailand) and thought to be descendant from the sacred temple cats of Siam. First imported to the UK in 1884 by the British Consul-General in Bangkok, who received a pair of breeding cats as a gift from the king on his departure.
Originally know as the "Royal Cat of Siam", the pair and their 3 kittens made a huge impression at London's Crystal Palace Show in 1885. A second pair with kittens were imported in 1886 and the UK's love affair with the Siamese had begun.

Physical Description
Siamese are a medium sized cat with a slim, athletic body and a long triangular face. Blue eyes are slanted and widely spaced, large ears are upright and continue the line of the face, tail is long and tapered to the tip. The pointed or colourpoint coat is very short, fine and glossy.
Siamese are intelligent, affectionate and social cats who enjoy, and often demand, attention. Dislikes being left alone and good in a family situation. They are a very vocal cat with a loud, low-pitch voice which has been compared to a human baby cry.
Little grooming required
Health Problems
No particular health issues with the breed.
Similar Breeds
Oriental Shorthair: Without a pointed or colourpoint coat.
Colourpoint Shorthair: Colourpoint coat in non traditional colours.
Khao Manee: Recent studies have suggested that the Khao Manee, and not the seal point, were the true Royal cats of Siam. [The emperor having given the British consul general a wichean mass [siamese] cat as he couldn't bear to part with a beloved Khao Manee.]
Snowshoe: A new and still rare breed originating from the USA.

Siamese Kittens for Sale in the UK

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