Cat Behavioral Problems

Good Cat or Bad Cat? by: Rose Long

All domestic cats develop behavioral problems as their predecessors. They encounter both physical and behavioral changes. Cats are creatures of habit. They do what they need to do as their ancestors did from climbing to hunting to marking their territory. What is amusing to a cat can be an enigma for us. Some behavioral problems may be perfectly natural for a cat. Prevention is easier than cure; there are simple remedies. As a previous feline owner I have experienced most of these behavioral problems. My favorite defense was my infamous water pistol.

Cats will climb as this is one of their instincts. As a cat owner utilize implied corrections such as making a loud noise or use a water pistol. Cats will soon associate this activity with consequences. Satisfy your cats desire to climb by providing a location for this natural activity. Some cats explore certain locations out of curiosity.

Cats claw our personal items to mark their territory and to leave their original scent. Provide your cat with a scratching post to prevent damage to your furniture. Always reward them with treats as a reward for utilizing their post instead of your favorite chair or couch. Another simple remedy is to massage catnip on the post to encourage further use of it. To discourage your cat from returning to an already defaced area you can cover the area with two way tape or plastic.

Cats will stalk and can ambush your ankles from a concealed place. This can be painful! Unfortunately this is a natural predatory activity. Direct your cats need by providing proper toys that will stimulate stalking and capturing their prey. If this is unsuccessful either revert to the water pistol or throw a toy.

I recall my cats had a habit of digging in my plant pots. Attempt to keep your cat away from your plants or cover the soil with marbles or gravel. Cats hate to dig in gravel or marbles. Cats also find satisfaction with chewing on items as the actual house plant. Some house plants are poisonous and can be potentially fatal such as Lily of the Valley, Mistletoe, any flower bulb, Ivy, Rhododendron....just to name a few.

If you want to prevent a cats natural instinct to explore you must implement options. Jumping on counters or tables can be hindered by applying two sided tape or revert back to the water pistol. Offer your pet a diversion.

Outdoors offer multiple interests to a curious feline. When you open a door a cat can dash before you realize what happened. A male that is not neutered will bolt to satisfy his mating needs or they can just exit to satisfy their curiosity with all those distractions. Give them food or a toy. Distract them as you depart. With a male not neutered there is only one option... take him to the vet and get him fixed.

If your attempts at resolving your cats behavioral problems are unsuccessful, consult your vet. Maintain regular checkups to ensure there is not an underlying medical problem associated with their specific behavior. Make your vet your friend as they can refer you to a qualified cat trainer as needed. Give the title good cat to your cat and enjoy those humerous, mischevious moments.

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