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Why is an All Natural and Holistic Approach to Pet Food Gaining Importance?
 by: Fred Ege [Aug 2005]

Why is an All Natural and Holistic to Pet Food Gaining Importance?

There is a significant increase in the market share of Natural and Holistic Pet Food, and it is predicted to double over the next five years. But why the sudden increase in our pets health? It seems that as we become more concerned with our own family's health and what we eat, it's natural to also be more concerned about what our pets eat, as they have truly have become part of our families. Today, it is now easier to provide a complete healthy meal for our pets. In fact, our pets may be eating better than we are!

What to Expect from All Natural and Holistic Pet Food?

  1. Switching to All Natural and Holistic Pet Food, produces substantial resultsover time. We all are accustomed to using synthetic drugs which can stopsymptoms quickly. But, in many cases, the problem reoccurs because it wastreating the symptons, not the problem. Holistic Pet Foods provide anenvironment that allows the body to health itself, not just treat the symptoms.This results in a more permanent cure and a healthier pet.
  2. A good, high quality diet is the foundation of your pet's health. What we findin the market today for our pets, often contain chemical additives that can bedetrimental to their health. Many commercial premium foods contain chemicalsknown to be toxic, as well as low quality meat that is not fit for humanconsumption. Many of the ingredients are hard to digest, so the nutritionalvalue is diminished becuase it doesn't reach their bloodstream. An animal'simmune system is worn down over time because of poor diet and the lack of acomplete balanced diet doesn't foster a long life. There has been a significantincrease in kidney and liver failures in young dogs and cats that has recentlybeen linked to the amount of chemical preservatives. That's why the FDArecently recommended the manufactururers of pet food cut the amount of certainchemical preservatives in half. Our pets eat the same food everyday, so thefood they eat will have a heightened effect over time on their health, that'swhy a good, high quality diet is best for your pet's health.

Domestic pets are descendents of animals that have been existing in the wild. Many vets feel that pets should eat natural and less processed food. They recommend feeding pets fresh food with some supplements, or choose an all natural or holistic pet food. Your choice is to select the healthiest food for your companion pets.

What is All Natural and Holistic Pet Food?

Of course, we know that the proper mix of protein, vegetables, carbohydrates, and fats are needed for a healthy diet for our pets. Along with the 23 essential amino acids, pets also need vitamins and minerals. But the types of proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates, and fats is what holistic pet food is all about. Holism is the theory that animals should be viewed as interacting, complete entities, that are more than the sum of their elementary particles. Holistic food is naturally balanced, and provides the pet's body with much more than just the sum of its ingredients. Each ingredient is chosen for not only it's nutritional value, but also for it's interaction with other ingredients. In selecting ingredients, manufacturer's must know how an ingredient aids digestion, and select the ones that provide the most health benefits. Many ingredients are known to be good anti-oxidants, so why not choose an ingredient that has that added value. Then the combination of ingredients as a whole can be evaluated to understand the total value of a complete and balanced diet.

Holistic pet food manufacturers choose the most digestible meats, vegetables and carbohydrates so that the nutrients are almost 100% bio-available, meaning that it actually gets into their bloodstream. If it is a meat that can't be easily digested, then it just passes through their digestive system, and less is really available. The sources of proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates are just as important as the amounts. We also know that certain meats, vegetables and carbohydrates are prone to produce food allergies, and therefore it makes sense to avoid using those ingredients which are known to have a high incidence of digestive problems or allergies.

Given that we can determine the proper mix of ingredients, it also makes sense that we should utilize the best available ingredients for your pet and avoid using questionable ingredients such as by-products or meat digest. The source of the ingredients should be held to the highest standard of human grade food, and as natural as it can be. That means meat that is free from contamination from animals that were not given steroids, antibiotics or hormones, and to avoid meat by-products or meat digest. Vegetables should be free from pesticides or herbicides. We should avoid known food allergenic ingredients (beef, wheat, or soy), and not use chemicals preservatives, dyes, or genetically modified organisms. Holistic pet foods come as close to organic in nature without any chemicals or drugs, or as we say, "The Very Best for Your Best Friend!"

About The Author
Fred Ege provides All Natural and Holistic Dog and Cat Food, the very best for your best friend. To learn more about our All Natural and Holistic Dog and Cat Food, go to: http://www.foxvalleypetfoods.com .

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