Cat Flea Control

FAQ About Cat Fleas

Can Cat Fleas Bite Humans
Yes. Cat fleas will bite humans however they don't set up home on humans. Bites are most common on the lower legs as the flea will jump from carpets and pet bedding. There can actually be more fleas living in the carpet than on the cat itself. Flea bites on the hands are also common from handling an infested cat or bedding.
How to kill fleas in carpet?
  1. Vacuum - Thoroughly vacuum the entire house, move furniture and get into all those hard to reach places. On it's own this wont get rid of the fleas however it can reduce the number and more importantly one proper vacuum can get rid of almost 50% of flea eggs. Remember when emptying the vacuum that live flies will be in the bag/compartment. Dispose of accordingly and immediately.
  2. Kill - There are many over the counter sprays and foggers. Remember these are poisons so follow the instuctions closely. We'd recommend using a fogger [aka flea bomb] as the fleas can also live in furniture, clothes, soft toys etc. Remember you and your cat[s] will have to vacate the area for a number of hours while the flea bomb does its job, so plan accordingly. [Unlike our house where we spent the entire day shut in the kitchen with nothing to do!!]
  3. Wash - Wash pet bedding above 50C. If possible reposition to a non carpeted area.
  4. Vacuum - Flea eggs have some protection against instecticides so you need to vacuum regulalry to make sure you get them all. If they hatch then you can end up back at square one. Apart from anything else you'll probably want to get rid of the flea corpses!! We'd recommend at least one thorough vacuum followed by daily vacuuming for at least a week.
How to spray a cat for fleas?
With extreme caution!! In fact, we'd recommend that you don't. Instead, get yourself down to the vet for some prescription treatment in a controlled manner. It's more effective and less risk to your cats health. Remember, you're talking about administering poison here, there are many reports of serious health risks when using some over the counter flea sprays.
How to kill cat fleas?
First, you need to kill the fleas on the cat, we'd recommend seeking a vets assistance for this. Secondly you need to treat your home. [See How to kill fleas in carpet? above]
How do you apply garlic to cat to control fleas?
Some people may suggest feeding garlic as a method of controlling cat fleas. This may help with the fleas, however garlic is also toxic to your cat and can lead to anemia and even death. We do not recommend feeding your cat garlic.


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