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Picture Of Our Two Bengals As Kittens
Picture Of Our Two Bengals As Kittens
The Bengal cat is a result of a cross between a wild asian leopard cat [ALC for short] and a shorthair domestic housecat. Bred to have the wild looks of the ALC and the loving personality of the domestic cat, the bengal is becoming an increasingly popular breed with cat lovers across the world.

As an owner of two F5 bengals [Dylan and Regan - pictured right] I can certainly vouch for the affectionate nature of the breed. The wild genes also give the bengal some distinctive traits, a liking for playing with water being the most apparant. The sight of two kittens standing with both front paws in the water bowl while drinking was highly amusing:) Initially we were curious, and our other two cats certainly not impressed, as to why they kept padding and splashing the water in the bowl before drinking. We found the pawing could be traced back to their wild ancestory in that the ALC would paw the water before drinking to disturb any dust that had settled on the top.

Generations - F1 cats have as one of the parents an Asian Leopard Cat. F2 cats have an Asian Leopard Cat grandparent, etc etc. F1 - F3 cats cannot be shown and only F4 and later are considered good house pets. Earlier generations than F4 can be difficult to house train. Litter box training in particularly can be difficult. The ALC urinates in running water to prevent larger predators tracking them in the wild. Thankfully this has been breed out of the bengals.

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